With its ultra-modern, innovative, customizable design, the Backyard BI(h)OME is not your typical accessory dwelling unit.

The Backyard Bi(h)ome: Design Features

1. ETFE Building Envelope

An innovative building skin made from ETFE shades and protects interior spaces while collecting solar energy via photovoltaic cells printed on the skin.

2. Grey Water Collection

Water from the kitchen, bathroom sink, and shower is collected for use watering the surrounding backyard habitat.

3. Landscape

The design includes wall modules that can be programmed with habitat elements for birds, bats, butterflies, and beneficial bees, as well as food for people. The building itself becomes a part of the backyard habitat.

4. External Features

Exterior overhangs provide cover for wall units that can provide homes for beneficial bugs, bats, and birds.

5. Composting Toilet

A state-of-the-art, pleasant, easy to use, low maintenance composting toilet eliminates one of the biggest water uses in a typical home.

6. Gabion Foundation

A gabion foundation wall encases rocks of various sizes, providing habitat for native lizards, while enclosing the space below the home’s elevated floor, which rests on removable screwjacks rather than a traditional foundation.

7. Construction

The core elements of the structure such as the lightweight steel and wood frame, floor, and skin can be easily recycled.

Construction Time-Lapse Video

The Backyard BI(h)OME: A Design Solution to LA’s Housing Crisis

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