Los Angeles and the Need for Infill Housing

Los Angeles and the Need for Infill Housing

A recent article in the “Architect’s Newspaper” posed the question of how to provide additional housing in Los Angeles, particularly with regard to infill housing. A portion of the article is quoted below.

For every single-family home in Los Angeles, there’s typically an underused garage or vacant patch of grass that could accommodate an accessory dwelling unit. By adding one or two residents per lot, these units would, supporters say, exert zero aesthetic or traffic impacts on the city’s residential neighborhoods.

“For Los Angeles…our DNA is in the single-family house,” said Dana Cuff, director of cityLAB and professor of architecture at UCLA. “I think as architects it’s our burden and basic ethical responsibility to try to enhance and solve housing problems in the single-family zones.”

Cuff noted that if 20 percent of the city’s 500,000 single-family lots included ADU’s, that alone would reach the mayor’s goal. As well, an embrace of alleyways could create brand new front doors.

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May 6, 2015