Unleashing the Backyard BI(h)OME – City Impact Lab

Unleashing the Backyard BI(h)OME – City Impact Lab

The City Impact Lab – Los Angeles has just released their action report from our recent roundtable discussion on the Backyard BI(h)OME!

Periodically, the City Impact Lab delves deep into an issue important to Los Angeles and convenes an Issue Roundtable with an invited group on that topic. The latest such issue tackled was the Backyard BI(h)OME. 

Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be one of the solutions to our housing shortage in Los Angeles. With over 500,000 single-family homes in LA City alone, if only 20% built a secondary unit (allowed since 2003 in California via AB1866: a structure of up to 1200 square feet can be built without zoning change), that would be 100,000 new housing units. A gathering of city officials, industry leaders, and issue experts set in the sun in August at UCLA to see how their cityLab project on such dwellings might be implemented.

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September 21, 2015